Tuesday, 25 September 2012

New Hair, New Hair

Taking a break from the salon complaints, I thought I would write about a good hair experience.
I have new hair! (In case the title had not given it away)
I have not tried the wavy look before and when I did the kinky twist a few months ago, I decided I quite liked big curly hair.
This was done by my lovely hairstylist Lola who came to my home last night to do it. She had to buy the weave on my behalf as she was worried I would buy something too curly. It should be wavy and not curly for it to work. She knows that I am clueless about hair so she is always good at advising. This here is a jazzy wavy weave.
What I asked for was a curly bouncy weave with 'pick and drop' braids at the front. Something big but pretty.
I think I got exactly that!
The only thing I would fault her on is timekeeping as she is always running a couple of hours late. But otherwise, result!

Side view(the one pictures favor)
Big and wavy at the back!
And you can tie it back!


  1. You look really nice!

  2. suits you ....I once did ones like that but could also use tongs to re-curl and style them...

  3. Love it! It really suits you!
    I also love the idea of braids at the front as well so your options aren't limited to either leaving some hair out or that tight, painful knot hairdressers make at the top of your head when you do a full weave that gives you a headache for days..

    1. I must say that this did not hurt. Not even the teeny tiny braids at the front. Probably because Lola knows about my sensitivity.

  4. I agree, when I see you new hair. I feel like mine is dated and needs to be redone. My friends at work don't get it because they never notice when my braids are getting shabby. To them it is just my hair... Still not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

    1. Show us a picture of your hair and we will let you know if it's time to change it.