Friday, 28 September 2012

Natural hair, Relaxed hair, Is it even a debate?

I view this whole debate though as another divisive thing that women have to have. From high school, girls split into groups and are always loyal to them for whatever cause.

The various debates as I have seen them through my life:

  • The marriage debate. Those who want to and those who don’t.
  • The child debate: Those who want children and those who don’t.
  • The breastfeeding debate: Breastfeeding mums vs those who can’t or prefer not to.
  • Closely followed by the stay at home mums vs working mums. 
  • And now the relaxed vs Natural hair debate.

All of these  are valid groups of people with valid views and I think everybody has a choice in the matter which is great.
If you are a member of any social networking group, you have seen how these debates can and do get heated. And that is not because 'everybody' believes with the greatest of conviction, but because somewhere along the way a lot of us  have learned to get on the defensive, and jump to protect our views. 
The Internet also helps by providing a screen behind which people can get away with saying just about anything. 
And this always goes for both camps. From the person comparing people who use relaxers to smokers, to the one who calls people who have natural hair Nazis. Both of them are not having a useful debate. Both are doing the equivalent of hair pulling in school.
But, I am glad that this is being talked about. I am glad that hair product manufacturers are taking this seriously and beginning to provide ample information on their packaging.
I think that that is a start. I am also glad that it has gotten people out there writing and blogging and providing information on our hair care.If we have enough knowledge, (more facts, less name calling and hair pulling), we will eventually make the right decisions for us. 
In my opinion some good has come out of this and more good will come out of it.

But meanwhile, my opinion may be different from yours and as long as I am not oppressing anybody's human rights,can’t we all just be friends? 



  1. I went natural at the end of last year to give my hair a break from chemicals (and the annoyingness of salons) and relaxed it again a couple of months ago.
    Honestly don't understand the whole natural vs relaxed hair debate,Or why the debate even exists. It's just hair...
    Besides, it's your hair. The only person whose opinion about it matters is you!

  2. I know... having said that I am really guilty about not understanding the whole natural thing. But then again, hate lights out, white sweaters and all the things that were obligatory as a teenager.

    1. This may be partly why I do not get it, having grown up in Uganda and therefore relaxing my hair after I was 18 and it was my decision. I have heard stories about 4 yr olds having their hair relaxed and that is where I believe the questons should be asked.