Sunday, 23 September 2012

An Open letter to afro/black/ethnic hair salons 3


3: The lack of set prices. 

I love it when I walk look at the price board in the salon window and all the prices are 'from £20'. LOL. Jokes indeed! This means that the 'from' is the set price if you come in bald and simply need a wash. When you get into the salon and ask, they claim that depends on your type of hair.
What I really see though is the salon 'boss lady' looking at my bag and shoes and setting her prices based on that. I am unsure what that has to do with the price of fish or hair in this instance.
I understand that afro hair may be hard to judge and therefore setting prices before seeing/touching (or even ruffling) said hair may be difficult, but wouldn't it be nice if these prices had upper limits?
And on the same note, when they quote a price, why do they then change it midway and offer excuses like, 'your hair is too long.' Knowing how long it takes for my hair to grow, I am always shocked when they say this as it suggests that my hair grew while I was in the salon. While I may wish, I think we all know it didn't.
So, dear salons;
-Please set some kind of price range.
-Don't tell me prices are subject to change without prior notice and at manager's discretion.This in no way endears the salon or it's management to your customers.

Sincerely again,


There are 2 more of these coming, and I am hoping to put together all the comments and responses that we have received, both here and on twitter #whatihateaboutsalons.
Thanks for all the support.

NoScrunchie, for a better salon experience


  1. I hate it that i will go to my usual saloon (okay the one that i use the most and it doesn't even have a displayed price list)and i have this price list in my head about most of the products, however after washing your hair and you are headed to the dryer, am are told 'by the way the prices have changed' And of course that means revised upwards by 50%. Urghh why dint you tell me this before i even started the process????? So annoying!

    1. I know the variable price list drives me insane. One visit it is £20 the next it has doubled... almost without rhyme or rhythm. That is what we need more professionalism and consistency for black hairdressers.

    2. It happened to me recently, when i went to my usual salon to have a hair cut,after which i paid the usual amount with a bigger denomination note, then waiting for my balance, i was told the price went up. It was so annoying.