Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Survey results

A week ago, we asked our lovely readers to complete a survey for us. If you did not see it, it was on this post.

If you still have not voted, go over and vote as the survey is still open but here are the preliminary results.
If you are not a graph nerd like I am then here is the breakdown:

Most important things about salons to our readers:
  1. Skill of hairdressers.
  2. Time taken to do hair. 
  3. Honesty of hairdressers.
  4. Same hairdressers each time. 
  5. Price
  6. Ease of getting an appointment
  7. Hairdressers give too much advice. 
  8. Salon looks cool and modern. 
So the shop front is running 8th compared to skill, time and honesty of the hairdressers.
This is what we need the salons to know. Before you paint up your shop in the best colors, hire skilled people please!
And I am pleasantly surprised that Price is at 5 and not any higher because it shows that most of us are willing to pay for good quality service. All you need to do is provide it. 

If anything changes with more votes, I will let you know.
But for now, we are looking at those top 5 as the measure of our ratings.


No Scrunchie
for a better salon experience.

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