Sunday, 7 October 2012

An open letter to afro/black/ethnic salons final.

Dear afro carribean salons,

This will be the last letter we at NoScrunchie write you in a while. And then we might start taking it personally if you refuse to change. By taking it personal, I mean we will find a way of warning all our friends if you are doing any of the previously mentioned things as well as the ones to be mentioned here.
So I will list here the rest from people's comments from Facebook, twitter and some on this blog.

  • The inability to book appointments. All salons should offer a chance for clients to book appointments. 
  • Quality of entertainment in salons. I have personally been to a salon where they were showing an x rated club night video and wanted all the kids to face the wall. (Scarred and have not been there since)
  • Stylists who eat while doing hair. Can't they wait an extra 10 minutes before they open that KFC box? When we say we want oil in our hair, we do not mean that! 
  • Hair stylists who gossip about everyone who leaves. This breeds paranoia as I am either scared to leave or ever come back. 
  • Dirty/smelly hairstylists. You have to lift your arm to wash my hair, deodorant would go a long way in making this a comfortable experience.
  • Salon discrimination. Why do salons not cater for all hair. Best described here:
  • Rude staff. This is a service industry. There is never any need to be rude to your customers if you want repeat business. 
When I started this, I had a few things that irritated me, but thanks to all the responses we have recieved, we know that a lot of this is not due to one time incidents. This is all down to the way salons treat clients and in return what we as clients have accepted for far too long.
We are done with the accepting though, so watch your backs dear salons. 



Have I left any rants out? Let us know please.


  1. stylists who answer the phone when treating hair and those that talk non stop. certainly do not wish to know every stylists life story.

    1. They all seem to do this. In no other profession would you meet with someone and they have their ears glued to the phone.

  2. i was in the saloon on saturday to plait my hair and the head stylist was abusing the other stylists thruout the process in the presence of clients. was disgusted. came close to to telling her off.

    1. That sounds quite horrible. I never go back anywhere if the boss mistreats their staff. It is so hard to tell them off though, while they have the 'power' over your hair.

  3. Can we have a price list in saloons!!!