Thursday, 29 November 2012


NoScrunchie is live. (well phase 1 at least)
This means a few things. Firstly the blog is migrating to the community page of NoScrunchie.
Secondly that much as I expect everyone to start reviewing salons, I will also be rating and reviewing every salon I go into. A few weeks ago, I thought I would have a head start on this.
This meant critically looking at each salon on the aspects that we all think should be the bare minimum.
 I have been to 3 salons in the past couple of weeks and they were all what I normally consider okay salons. But were they really?

  • In the first salon, the hair dresser scrubbed my hair like it was a dirty wash cloth and was then shocked when it was tangled after the wash. She told me she was new to the job and I felt sorry for her so I did not complain. When I was leaving, I was asked to pay extra for blow drying my hair. I was shocked and asked if the option was to leave with wet hair. The lady explained that there was a difference between blow drying with and without a brush and I had been privileged with the brush option. I did not remember having a choice in this matter. Credit to her (I guess), she knocked that £25 off the bill.
  • The second salon that I ventured into had a massive sign saying Afro Caribbean hair. I was informed that the lady who usually does Afro hair was not in. It was a Saturday afternoon which in my assumption is the busiest time for a salon. The very 'helpful' lady suggested that I go to another salon. Thanks, I think.
  • The third salon is one that I have been to before and I knew that I could expect a clean environment at the very least.I had relaxer put in my hair and then when we got to the sink, the lady told me that it looked like the pipes were frozen as the water was ice cold. I asked what my options were, and she said, 'well the relaxer has to come out!' The minute the water hit my head, I got a headache. It was horrible and even she couldn't keep her hands in it for long, so we took a break every after a minute. I was really scared that today was the day I was about to discover chemical burn. Lucky for me it got washed out in time. The hairdresser did say she was sorry though so I guess that should make it okay.

But I am beginning to realise a pattern here and this affirms my belief about the need for NoScrunchie. I have rated all these salons. So whoever goes there after checking them out on the site can go with this knowledge.

I have read a number of  people's stories about bad salon experiences especially with chemical
burn and I am often amazed when people say either they will never relax their hair again, or they will never use that brand again. What amazes me is how rarely we blame the salons or even warn our friends about them. Almost like the salon cannot be culpable.

Why do we let salons get away with it? If I got treated like this in any other service industry, I would throw my toys out the pram. If a restaurant told me all their drinks were super duper ice cold, I would say no.If I finished having my dinner and they tried to charge me for a warm plate, I would say no. Let's not even get into getting the possibility of getting to a restaurant and finding that the chef did not come in....

I can do a bit of this, but I cannot do it without you. So let's all honestly review those salons. And hopefully, we will ALL eventually get better service.

AND Goodbye to this blog here and hallo to the new blog

for a better salon experience.

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  1. Gosh, that's horrible! I wish I remembered the name of my salon in South London. I used to insist on my hair being done by Denise who was AWESOME and the one time a newbie did it and did a bad job she apologized profusely!! I'll try to figure out what it was called and give a proper review, I had a lot of good hair experiences there :D