Friday, 31 August 2012

Why we are here, no not on earth, on this page...


You may be wondering why we are here. What is the point of NoScrunchie? Is it so I can lecture you all on the perils on wearing a scrunchie? Is it so I can remind you that Carrie in SATC thought that no self respecting woman should wear a scrunchie?
Well No. I have no particular problem with scrunchies, but we all know that they are not for our best hair days. We are here to deal with what happens on those days when we need to go to the salon and get our hair done.
So this blog will be about my journey and hopefully yours when it is all up and running. The journey to make salons a place that we want to be.
I will start with the first thing that I think needs to be dealt with and that is accountability.
This may be because of the mockumentary 'good hair' (which I must confess I am yet to watch through to the end.), or it may be because we have all started to worry more about what we eat, drink, what we put into and onto our bodies. This is probably in a big way down to the internet which provides us with as much information as we may ever need (if we search for it right) and using this we may as well make informed choices.
We all want to be accountable but we all cannot do that until the salons are accountable and the companies that make hair products become accountable too.
I am not a fan of jumping on bandwagons and boycotting everything as a way to get them to listen. But this site will in  a small way be my contribution to accountability. 
The site that will be NoScrunchie will give everyone the power to review and comment and from reading other people's reviews make an informed choice.
Hair dressers and hair product manufacturers alike need to know that the consumer has the power to let the world know and if they are not treating the customer right already, they should start or lose out.
 And I leave you with this clip from SATC in case you were wondering what the fuss is about scrunchies.

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